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Jikasu.in is an online advertising service platform that allows local business or service providers to get connected with local customers.

The Big-ining (beginning)

Since the Inception of Jikasu in 2016, we have been working hard to provide local businesses an online platform to sell their services or products. In this competitive world of online shopping with big brands and international sellers, the customers and local business both are not satisfied with their needs and sells. Moreover the local businesses are suffering loss to some extent.

The Idea

The Idea of JIKASU is to bring local market ONLINE. The thought was, Why one should wait for a product to arrive at their location after couple of days (even after payment, in some cases.)? Where else the same product is available in local market. Just because local business doesn’t have exposure to online? Well that’s what we have came up with. An ONLINE SHOPPING SITE with LOCAL BUSINESS

What is Jikasu ?

Jikasu provides an online platform for customers to search the products or services from the LOCAL market. Jikasu allows local businesses to expand its reach to online customers in the nearby location.

We have all kinds of categories for each products and services like:

Fashion, skin care, jewelry, boutiques, sportswear, men’s accessories, women’s accessories, Fast-food, restaurant, grocery, Auto-mobile, real-estate, cars, bikes, barber shops, doctors, dentists, Event Management, DJs, Decorators, Home-interior, architecture, IT-services, web-development, graphic design

And much more..

How we work ?

A business client registers to Jikasu. Upon verification, client can post the products/services on our website including number of Images, specifications about their products (or services).

It can be special offer or product highlights, we have an option to rise the bars for your ad to that it can be reached to the targeted customers.

Customers can surf or search their required product, have a look at detailed description of product and can buy it with a single click. As the product will be from Local business, it will be made available and delivered in no time.

Why Jikasu ?

Breaking the traditional way of doing business and wait for customers to walk in and have a look at your products or services, it was much needed now for local businesses to have a platform where they can reach the target client. For that a business need a website or an application to compete with big brands of online shopping market. Every business cannot afford the cost of having dedicated website and deal with the technicalities of managing online trading. Well, Jikasu relieves you of that effort and provides solution to your problem.

Through our platform you can post any ad related to you business, be it pin to platinum. Whether you sell your old car or buy new, or you want to sell a house or rent it. Any product Small or Large we have all kind of commodities here.

We invest a great deal of time and effort in monitoring and filtering the content posted to the website, so you can be confident that you'll find only quality, relevant listings.

We are a team of enthusiastic people, who dream to grow the local business with online shopping to the next level, the NextGen Shopping.

We hope you enjoy the new generation online selling system through our website. Jikasu at your service!!!

We provide effective solutions for all buyers and sellers to get connected profitably and effortlessly. The social experience is delivered through the extensive domain of authentic advertisements in a safe and secure manner.

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